Welcome to First Steps in Magic

Welcome to First Steps in Magic.

Welcome to the magic circle, thanks for stepping inside.

In this course you'll find a series of video lectures as well as written resources. You can follow each lesson in order or work through the material in your own way.

The approach to magic I'm presenting here is rooted in the Western Esoteric Tradition, while the underlying principles are common to all approaches to occultism. I’ve tried to keep the use of technical and tradition-specific terminology to the minimum, and hope that you find all course material accessible and inspiring.

First Steps in Magic, as well as providing you with plenty of practices, also invites you to do things in your own way and to use the processes here as a spring board for your unique magical creativity. The key is to discover the magician you are rather than slavishly replicating the work of others.

This course is likely to take a least 5 weeks to complete for most people. The final lesson and ritual are best done after you've completed the previous four elemental lessons.

Tutor Support

You can follow this course as a completely self-led process but additional support from me is available.

Some students find it helpful to have one session at the beginning of the course, one around half-way through the process, and a final session towards end of the course. Student sessions are available by video chat with me. As a registered Deep Magic student you will receive a 30% discount on the usual cost of a one hour session.

If you'd like to find out more, or to book a session please email me [email protected]. You can reach out to me at any point during the course.

Wishing you well with your Great Work!


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