Before you begin...

Welcome to this free Deep Magic Imagination and Wellbeing course!

This course provides a toolbox of techniques to support your wellbeing. The methods I'm presenting here come form various approaches that engage the imagination in order to help us make changes in our mental state.

Some practices are drawn from psychological techniques, others are rooted in various self-developmental and spiritual traditions. However there is no need to believe in anything in particular to find benefit from these practices. All you need is an spirit of curiosity to see if these approaches might be beneficial to you, and a willingness to give them a try.

Once you've done the introductory practice and the exercise there you can choose to work through the practices in the order given or just dip into something that looks appealing. All the practices I've provided benefit from repetition so try each one a few times before you more on.

If you like it can be helpful to make a note of your practice. This can be a simple calendar or diary entry so that you can chart what practices you have done, when and how many times. You'll find the feel of the practices can change depending on many factors such as where you are practicing (indoors or out) or the time of the day.

Stay playful with the process. You can think of these as much as imaginary games as any kind of spiritual developmental or mental welbeing focused process.

Wishing you Well


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